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Under 17 Drive Plan

Keen to drive before 17?

Under 17 Drive Plan at Warden Hill

Warden Hill's Young Driver Plan

Warden Hill’s Young Driver Plan is specially tailored for 11-17 year olds who want to gain a headstart when learning to drive. It is not only educational but it is a great and memorable experience for young adults. Our Young Driver plan makes a great gift and is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of young drivers while giving them invaluable and early driving skills.

It is a fact that 1 in 5 young people are involved in road accidents within 6 months of passing their tests, but Warden Hill’s Young Driver Plan teaches to reduce accidents among young qualified group and this can only be positive.

Instructors selected for our Young Driver Plan use only dual control cars. All of our instructors have been CRB checked, are professional and friendly to give the best driving experience to young people.

Our in-car training takes place off road in safe and secure sites.

We follow the Driving Standards Agency curriculum, which means that 11 – 17 year olds have the same learning programme as those pupils on our standard courses. Your individual progress and level of driving is monitored by the instructor after each driving session.

When young people take to the roads at 17 they do so with a head start which makes learning easier and quicker saving time and money…..putting you ‘streets’ ahead of the normal 17 year old behind the wheel for the first time!

Warden Hill’s Young Driver Plan is about getting young people driving! Our young pupils learn in different ways and at different speeds, but what they learn with us will all be learned from behind the wheel!!

We at Warden Hill’s Young Driver Plan supply tuition notepads to our pupils, which act as a diary, resource and progress reference.

Driver learning is fun when you are aged 11 – 17s! Learn seriously as an individual, or in small groups or even have your birthday party at Warden Hill.

At Warden Hill’s every young person who has attended has had great fun, learned to drive safely and ‘graduated’ with great satisfaction and confidence to take full on road lessons and the full driving test early!