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Re-test Programme

Failed B4? Try again with us...Fresh lessons...fresh start!

Re-testing Programme at Warden Hill

New drivers who offend

Newly qualified? Take Care!! At Warden Hill your Instructor will teach you to drive safely and proficiently. BUT, when you drive off without us looking after you and if you accumulate six penalty points or more within two years of passing your practical test, you will have to take both tests again.

The Law from the 1 June 1997 states that any person passing their first driving test is ‘on probation’ for a period of two years from the date of passing. If they commit offences accruing six or more penalty points during that time that person will go back to learner status and they will need apply for a new provisional licence and take the tests again!

The Government feels that newly qualified drivers are more at risk in the first two years after passing the test and one in five will have an accident in the first year! The new law aims to reduce the number of road deaths and injuries by penalising new drivers who increase their risks by committing offences such as speeding.

How Warden Hill can help you

When the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is notified that a new driver has six or more penalty points they will write to him/her to say that the licence has been revoked. The driver then reverts to learner status and Warden Hill will arrange a set of tailored lessons to re-fresh and prepare in readiness for the re-tests at the local test centre.

To ignore a revocation and carry on driving without a valid driving licence is an offence with a maximum penalty of £1,000

Re-test Mentoring Programme

After many years in the driver training industry Warden Hill recognise that not everyone will pass their test first time. The failure can be down to the stress of the test on the day or a technical difficulty.

We are committed to all our pupils obtaining a full drivers licence.

Therefore we have introduced a 5 day customer DRIVING programme to mentor Learners who want to take the Test again and quickly…. BUT need fresh opinion and advice from our experienced Instructors. The mentorship includes correction lessons to correct any faults made on either the theory or the practical driving tests, confidence building, mock tests on test routes and arranging and attending test centres with you.