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Automatic Lessons

Don’t want gears? That’s ok, contact our auto instructors.

Automatic Lessons at Warden Hill

Learning to drive an automatic car

Having to change gear and mastering the clutch is one of the most stressful parts of learning to drive in a manual car. With automatic cars it really is very simple when it comes down to the pedals one is stop the other is go! Just like a Go-Kart and they DO NOT STALL.

You can take your driving test in an automatic car

However, your Warden Hill INSTRUCTOR WILL ADVISE YOU THAT when you pass your test, your driving licence will only entitle you to drive an automatic Car.

Having said that you can then go on and learn in a manual car which a lot of people choose to do after passing their automatic test with the confidence of having driven for a few weeks, and having familiarised with the road and test surroundings!

Learning to start, stop and steer is much easier in automatic cars. The right foot should normally be used to control the accelerator and footbrake. There is no clutch, so your left foot will not need to be used. When the initial gear selection has been made, usually when the vehicle is stationary, all subsequent changes are carried out automatically.

When driving automatic cars, the brakes have to be used more often to avoid its natural tendency to creep forwards. Automatic cars enable drivers to concentrate on the more important things, such as planning ahead and steering.
Your Warden Hill instructor will teach you on the extra use of the handbrake and different techniques used to control the car at low speeds.

Learning to drive in an automatic car makes learning to drive less daunting than wth a manual car. When you have passed your automatic test, driving independently is often easier and more practical, especially for the elderly or disabled people.