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Becoming a Driving Instructor

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Working as a Driving Instructor can be very rewarding career and to be ‘your own boss’. It is equally good and flexible for both men and women of all ages and can be done either on a full or part-time basis.


Few careers nowadays offer 'a job for life' but driving instruction can. Learning to drive is an essential part of modern life and almost everybody wants to learn. Nearly all learners take lessons with professional instructors and the trend is to take more and more lessons, as our roads become busier and more complex. The Driving Instruction industry is booming and you can earn a great living from it!

As a well established, rapidly expanding and successful company Warden Hill Driving School, is currently looking for smart, intelligent and enthusiastic people in all areas. It is an opportunity to join the team of a very busy Driving School,  which will provide you with a good income.


Your Course starts the day you enrol with us and commences with an Induction Session, at which time we will plan your studies and tailor the course to meet your requirements.

To become a fully qualified Driving Instructor can take as little as 26 weeks. There is also an option to work as a Trainee Driving Instructor after Passing Parts 1 and 2 (by approximately 14 weeks).  From the date of passing the Part One Test you have up to 2 years to pass The Part Three Test.

The qualifying examination is in three parts:
Part 1 The Theory Test
Part 2 The Driving Technique Test
Part 3 The Instructional Ability Test

Our Instructor Training Course covers the entire syllabus preparing you for each examination. However, the skills and knowledge required for each part are also relevant throughout the course. As you train for each part you are also being prepared for the next.

Part 2

This is your Test of Driving Ability, which includes an eyesight test, and can be taken at specified DVSA Learner Driving Test Centres (Luton is one of these). As you will be teaching others how to drive, you will be expected to demonstrate your ability to drive correctly. You will be asked to drive over a varied route and will be expected to drive in a 'disciplined, brisk and business-like' manner.

To be successful you will need to commit no more than 6 driving faults.

You will be asked to carry out manoeuvres safely and under full control.

Although you may be a very experienced driver you may have acquired some bad habits that will need to be eliminated from your driving.

In between your training you should practice and adopt the method of driving you are taught as your normal way of driving. You will not be teaching your pupils simply for a driving test but to 'Drive Safely For Life'.

The training consists of a driving course designed to bring your driving up to the standard that is required for the DVSA Test of Driving Ability. This includes a session when you will prepare for and take your test. The training is all carried out in our cars. Our method of training is popular with the Police and used on other advance driving courses and is good grounding for your Test of Ability to Instruct (Part 3) At this stage you may wish to discuss with us the option of starting work.

Part 3

The Instructional Ability Test enables you to demonstrate your ability to pass on the knowledge you have acquired to a 'learner driver' and again can be taken at certain specified test centres. The test itself lasts approximately one hour. You will need to be well prepared for this test. There is a limit of three attempts for the Part 2 and Part 3 Tests.

After your 40 hours of training on part 3, We get you working with an ADI in as a team. This is a well-established and highly productive method of training. Mock Tests are given to ensure any remaining problems or misunderstandings are highlighted and can be dealt with effectively for part 3.

Instructor Elegibilty

DVSA requirements for registration

In order to qualify as a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor there are certain requirements, which you must meet.

  • You should be a fit and proper person to have your name entered in the Register

All non-motoring and all motoring convictions, providing they are not ‘spent’ under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, will be taken into account when assessing your suitability. If, however, your Licence has some penalty points (generally a maximum of 6) this may not necessarily affect your application.

You must have held a full UK or European Union (EU) / European Economic Area (EEA) unrestricted car driving licence for periods totalling at least 4 years out of the 6 years prior to entering the Register after qualifying. Any period after passing the driving test and during which a provisional licence is held may be counted as a full licence. A foreign licence can also count towards the four year period and a full licence to drive ‘automatics’.

  • You must not, at any time during the 4 years prior to being enetered on the Register, have been under a disqualification from driving
  • You must pass all three parts of the qualifying examination within a two-year period


Application and Costs

Special Offer Fee £1,399, Normal Fee £2,500

Having read the enclosed information your next step is to ring us or complete online enquiry form. We would be pleased to answer any further queries or make an appointment for you to visit us for an initial informal meeting. We would then discuss your prospects and future plans.

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